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A/C problem but different from the rest....

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I have an A/C problem but it is different from the rest. Here are the facts. I bought the car in 9/08 with 3200 miles on it. Within in weeks the lights went out. The dealer fixed it. (bad couple of wires in the box behind the dash) Within 2 weeks the right from low beam went out. Last week I went back to the dealer and they replace another bad wire and replced the box (the car has 5k now). Now here is the problem. The A/C worked fine before nut not now. The a/c button lights up but the a/c fan don't come on. The fuses are all good but I changed them just in case. There is plenty of r-134 in the system. Any thoughts? I know the box behind the dash is just a box of relays so I thought maybe the a/c routes through there and that might be the problem? Any ideas I can try before it goes back to th dealer. The dealer is 1 1/2 hours away.
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I need to clarify one thing. The blower works fine it is the A/c cooling fans in the front that don't come on at all. They use to before the switch box was replaced.
Son of a B&%ch. I had a feeling that would be the problem. Well I guess I will call them to see if they get a replacement ASAP.
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