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A Great Loss

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With great sadness I am posting notification as to the passing of Graham Arnold. Graham was the former Sales Director of Lotus and_the President of Club Lotus passed away on Monday. He was one of the largest figures in the Lotus Community. He also authored many books on the Marque and was considered among the most knowledgable individuals on the history of Lotus.

To truly appreciate the coming Elise, I would recommend you go tomorrow to your local Barnes and Nobel or book retailer and pick-up/order one of his books. Learn about the early years with the orignal Elite, 7, Eleven and Elan. The change in direction during the 70's and 80's including the rise of the Esprit. Learn of the great racing heritage with drivers like Mario, Clark, and Senna. It's important to know the heritage of the Elise to understand it. The Elise was a car that Graham loved because it embodied everything Lotus has ever stood for. Learn about the man and the marque and then you can truly love the car.

Graham will be missed.
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Very sorry to hear it. :(

We should feel lucky that so many very dedicated people have worked on the Elise. The Elise is a great tribute to those that have worked at Lotus over the years. Luckily it looks like the current generation are continuing the great tradition.
Graham J Arnold - Club Lotus Chairman
Sad loss for Lotus Community

Graham Arnold, the former Sales Director of Lotus and the President of Club Lotus,
passed away on Monday.

Graham was taken ill while at a classic car show and died later in hospital.

Graham was Sales Director at Lotus for over 10 years, mostly during Colin Chapman's lifetime. He joined Club Lotus in 1956, and became club president in 1967, while still
working at Lotus. When he left Lotus in 1981 it was agreed that he would run the club independently of the factory and its dealers, but remain in very close and harmonious
contact. He was chairman for over 35 years, and showed no signs of slowing down
or losing interest in the international world of Lotus.

Most days he could be found in the small but well equipped office in Dereham, Norfolk,
just a few miles from Lotus. Many working weekends involved trips to national and
regional Lotus events all over the UK, often giving talks or helping organize the
gathering. His every-day car was a Lotus Excel SE, but he also owned a
1962 Climax Elite as well as a 1967 Elan Coupe.

He will be greatly missed in the Lotus community.
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