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Hello, I'm new here. Long time listener, first time caller you might say.

I've read all the posts from the tall folks with their headroom and entry and exit problems, but my question hails from the other end of the spectrum. What with the relatively low seating postion and the seemingly limited adjustability of the seat, how well will a short person fit? To move this from a hypothetical question to a specific one: I'm 5'3. will I be able to see comfortably over the steering wheel? I drive a miata now and I can fit perfectly. When I owned my MR2, I was able to find a good position, but then I believe that car had a tilt wheel.

I'm hoping the anwser from those who have actually sat in an S2 will be something along the lines of "Don't be daft, the seating in the Elise is useable by all!", but honesty would be appreciated more I suppose. :)
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