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Well, I took my standard suspension Elise to a BMWCCA (advanced group) day at Lime Rock yesterday.

Weather was 50 degrees and dry. I brought a pyrometer and a gauge to try and sort out the tire pressures. BMWCCA would not let me take temps in the hot pits so I could only really look for temp gradients after some cooling. I logged temps and cold/hot pressures on the AD07's for a few sessions.

First impression- I thought the balance was pretty good, with an understeer bias that is pretty easy to override by the usual techniques like brake or throttle release.

My hot pressures rose 8 lbs over cold, both front and rear. I got the best temp gradients after dropping the cold pressures to 26/26. At the end of the day after picking up some more speed, I would probably have tried 24/24 or so for next time, based on the pyrometer and the chassis feel.

I did see a real need for more front negative camber. The fronts had a 20 degree gradient, though the rears were fine. If this were fixed it might pretty much take care of any excess understeer all by itself, if it doesn't cause a braking instability problem.

The Elise was very easy to drive and the tires and brakes were totally trouble free (at least on a cool day). I was able to pass nearly everyone even though not really used to the car yet. OTOH, BMWCCA is not as fast as PCA. A few well driven BMW's were running similar times to mine, and a Viper was faster. I ran in the high 1:06's in traffic. Could maybe get under 1:06 on a clear track, and maybe gain a second if I fixed a couple of slow spots after more experience with the Elise, and maybe gain a second more if I fixed the camber and got the pressures just right. (I can run under 1:05 in my 968 track car on Sport Cups. The grip was less than the 968, but surprisingly close.) The braking was amazing, better than the cornering. I didn't get to the point of braking as deep as the car could yesterday. I'm sure a real hotshoe could go significantly faster.

Overall I'm impressed. This car on street tires is within range of my 968's times, is fun and friendly on the track, but the big thing is that unlike my 968 it's also a real nice daily driver. For DE purposes it will run with the big dogs if driven well. If I can increase the oversteer by some neg camber and other tweaks, I don't think I would bother to go to the 048's just to get the extra 10% grip unless I was racing where a second or two is a big deal. The car was fun and track-ready out of the box, and still nice to drive home.
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