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A trip to numbers

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I hope this finds everyone well. I have at long last fixed dates for the proposed Lotus adventure....September 23-28, this follows the Goodwood Revival meeting (18-20).

The basic itinerary is as follows..

23. Collect from London Airports (Gatwick/Heathrow) back to Norfolk.
24. Tour the Lotus factory, Classic Team Lotus, Ketteringham Hall plus other places of Lotus interest.
25. Lotus Driver Training day at the Hethel test track.
26. Fairly free day (tour of Norwich etc). Lotus dinner in the evening with speakers.
27. Trip to Donington musuem, possibly the largest collection of F1 cars in the world (the venue of the British Grand Prix 2010..hopefully!).
28. Return to airports, or apply for visa's to stay!!!!!!!

The total cost for a single person is $1980.00, for double (with one driver on the driver training day) $2997.00.

Everything is included (all tours, driver training day, 5 nights B&B, all transport, Lotus dinner), the only thing not covered is meals...when we find time, and of course air fare!

The total number of drivers that Lotus can take is 12 only, therefore if anyone is interested could they let me know asap.

No doubt you will have questions, please contact me on [email protected]

Best wishes

Richard Parramint
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Wow, that is awesome! Sadly, I'll be in the UK sometime between July 26th and August 18th.

Do you have a contact at Lotus who I could ask about a Factory tour? I'd like to take the train up from London and go visit.
Hi Mike

Let me know when you plan on coming to Norfolk and I will see what I can arrange. Wednesday is the best day for a factory tour. Contact me on [email protected]

Best wishes

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