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2008 Exige S240
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The attached picture says it all, but I will elaborate.
The side to side movement of the steering rack causes
the ABS wires to move in synchronicity. This repetitive bending
back and forth eventually causes the wire(s) to break.

This was the scenario for me leading up to a full time ABS light:
The ABS light would go on and off sporadically at completely
random times so I did not realize the pattern. In hindsight it was the
movement of the wheel that was causing the ABS light to go on and
off as the wire finally snapped. When I realized the problem the ABS wire
was attached to the hub by only a few copper strands. The picture was taken
after I fully detached the wire from the hub.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Tread Yellow

note: I have not replaced the hub yet so the ABS light is still
illuminated however I am nearly 100% sure this is the culprit.
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