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We completed the install on my 06 Elise yesterday, took about 1.5 hours (including photo- documenting). The issue was my AC would blow cold air for about 20 minutes, then the air would begin to warm and decrease in flow. Shut the AC off for 10 minutes and it would blow cold again.

After reviewing previous posts in this forum, I concluded that the evaporator coils were freezing over. I checked the position of the existing probe, but it was perfectly located. I then purchased the newer digital thermostat kit from Lotus, PN A120P0149S for $120. Detail of the install:

- Remove both passenger access panels
- Unfasten fuse box, move to side
- Remove plastic air deflector panel
- (Note: Instruction say to remove wiper motor cover - we didn't find this necessary)
- Detach and remove the flexible air routing hose by gently pulling it off the heater housing and AC trunking
- (Note: Instructions now have you cut and remove the old capillary line. We preferred to locate and test fit the electrical connections first - Before hacking up the old system)
- Locate the old thermostat located at the base of the heater housing, passenger side. Disconnect the pink (or orange) cables.
- Locate and gently slide off the plastic cover over the temperature flap actuator. You may have to push aside some heater hoses to locate it at the base of the heater housing, aft side (nearest the windshield).
- Remove the old jump harness and test-fit connections to the new thermostat cables. The two pink cables plug into two white cables provided with the kit and appear to be interchangeable.
- Once your satisfied that the correct connections have been made, cut and remove the old capillary probe from the evaporator.
- Route the new probe in place of the old, apply zip ties to the probe bracket and any excess cable.
- Mount the new thermostat using the adhesive tape.
- Reassemble and test.


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