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Accessories from Lotus USA

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I went to the dealer today for some touchup paint and found a copy of Lotus accessories. Many of the accessories have no picture, I wonder if folks here can help:

1/ Needed touchin pencils ( Touch up paint). The Bordeau seems too dark. Is Ruby the right choice for the Bordeau red Pearl in the USA

2/Anybody has comment/pictures of the gear lever gate, handbrake sleeve and gear knob? IThe 3rd and 5th are too close for me.

3/picture of boot bag?

4/If I want a brighter light ( zenon light), what should be my choice? what is the difference among H1, H4 and H7?

5/ What do the alternative Roadwheel look like? Painted and anodised? Are painted = standard and anodised = LSS?


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You should probably get bordeaux touch up paint if your car has been painted bordeaux. Sometimes the paint looks a bit darker before you actually use it and let it dry. I'm guessing that is what you are experiencing.
handbrake sleeve seems worthwhile.. I noticed scratches yesterday in the black portiion on the base of the handbrake lever - apparently done by the passenger seat belt as it was buckled or unbuckled. I suppose I could touch it up, but it would probably look better with some sort of sleeve anyhow....
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