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In my Lotus Elise, I hit an 18-wheeler tire tread piece, just as another car swerved to the left shoulder and threw a football-sized metal object at me. The tire tread smashed the front of the Lotus and its grill. The metal piece smashed the passenger lamp cover and fiberglass, and punctured my right side tire.

The entire front clam shell needed to be replaced, as well as the lamp cover, passenger reflector, tire, etc...

I took my Elise to Magnum Collision Repair Center in Marietta, GA for body work. The original estimate included costs to replace the described items above.

The results?!

I couldn't be happier. Magnum did a great job, and the car is much better than before my accident. I give Magnum high praise, but will have to add a warning...they're expensive. Not only did Magnum fix what was needed to be done, but they also fixed lots of little things that didn't really have to be fixed. Because of the additional work, my original estimate almost doubled. Since my insurance company is picking up the bill, I'm not complaining. Not sure if the extra work was needed, but my car is the better for it, and I'm happy it was done. I recommend Magnum Collision Repair Center for anyone's Elise, but only if someone else is paying the bill.

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