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Yeah the tech has been around for a while.
Remember watching it on tv about 10-15 years ago and even then it was very slick. Press of a button and "ding!" no wind or road noise what so ever. But conversations and music not affected.

The funky (if somewhat bling) extra was that it could then substitute an alternative engine noise so you'd have a 6l V8 noise (and with the subwoofers similar "feel") all linked to the throttle.

IIRC Brabus have done someting similar to the tesla to make it sound as fast as it goes.

Also Lotus did some amazing stuff with active suspension. Rememver seeing a video of an Esprit leaning into corners. Apparently it was significantly faster than stock. The only rpb is that it used heavy pistons so not really practical for street applications. The new magnetic stuff (from Bose I think) is the next gen version and very cool.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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