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When I first got my Elise it had CF side intakes. I removed those because the brackets were crap and the metal mesh was scratching the paint. I liked the stock look but then nose paranoia set in, and after a track weekend I saw how much crap hit the rear fender flares. I decided to get a CF lip and side skirts more for protection than looks.

Then I looked under the car and saw nut inserts in the front and sides. This car had side skirts and a lip at some point. I could just screw in the parts with zero drilling on the car! That sold me. I got Greg's Race Parts CF front lip, CF side skirts, and a set of brackets for my existing side intakes. I figured if I was going CF I might as well add the intakes. Plus they shield part of the rear fender from rocks and tire bits at the track.

Most parts have a template the you mark and then drill into the car. Since I already had nut inserts I made SPIKES! I got some M5 threaded rod and cut into small segments and filed one end down to a point. Then I screwed these spikes into the nut inserts and lined up the parts. Once the part was aligned I taped it with a hammer to make a nick exactly where I needed a screw hole. Then drill through all the nicks and the part was ready to mount. It was simple for the front lip. The side skirts were a little more involved. More on that below...

Top: the original GRP side skirt
Bottom: What I cut is down to
Why?: Nothing wrong with the GRP side skirt, but I wanted mine to mount to the existing nut inserts in the body and GRP mounts to the aluminum frame. Plus I wanted the side skirts very narrow. While I want to protect the bottom edge of the rocker from road debris I also did not want to step over a side skirt while getting out of the car. It is tough enough already. But isn't mounting to the body less sturdy? Yes, but the side skirts now weight about 40% less, plus they stick out less - so less leverage/force can press against the mounts points.

I wanted to notch out the side skirts so I could lift the car at the jack point without removing the side skirt. Unfortunately I took out too much CF so that you could see the notch from the top the car!?! First I calmed down, then I cut a patch of CF from the scrap I had from trimming down the side skirt. Then I used JB Weld Resin and some fiberglass cloth to patch the hole. Pics below. Worked great. After sanding and polishing - you can't tell.

I threw away the metal mesh on the inside of the intakes as it was scarping the car, and replaced it with some generic plastic grill material from Amazon and a rubber strip where it contacted the body. The attached it to the intake with weatherproof silicon glue.

I like it. It work's with the black/yellow look of the car, provides some protection, and bolts off in minutes if I ever get sick of it.

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Very nice. I as well went on a purchasing spree on Greg's site for some CF bits. The communication with him just makes everything so easy and comfortable to continue giving him my business.


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To the OP, everything looks great, the one thing I would consider is to put a strip of clear vinyl wrap between the rubber "gasket" for your intakes and the bodywork. I can imagine sand, grit, dust, pollen etc... getting wedged between it, and creating the very problem you sought to eliminate in the first place.
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