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Re: Re: aftermarket - Toyota or Honda?

Ground Loop said:
The only mod that will increase the dollar value of a sportscar is to stuff the seats with crisp $100 bills. And only if you sew it back up with OE thread.

If you build it, do it because you want a monster Elise, not because it will fetch high dollars on the resale market. Expect to take a loss, and extract your value in years of fun.

The auto trader is full of cars with "$xx,xxx in upgrades!" can't pass smog, asking $6k obo. Mine among them. :)
Amen to that! And the insurance companies don't care either. When I totalled my Miata I told State Farm that I have $6k in mods that really raised the performance and value of the car. They don't care. They'll give you book value for it and that's all.
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