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Alain Tsai car key SOLD!

[B[/B]- I have a used key for sale. It has "Elise"
etched on the side, but can be used for an Exige
as well.
- It comes with 2 key blanks, (key # X168)
[The pre-cut key blank the company originally sent me
was cut too short and did not fit properly in general so I cut the end
off of a new one to make it fit perfectly.]
I had to special order the blanks online because local parts stores
do not carry this blank so don't waste your time looking like I did.
FUfabrication wanted $15 for a blank. I bought 5 blanks for less than $3.00

- The key is in perfect working condition. I am selling because
I bought a 2008 Exige that came with the updated oem key.

Here's what it comes with:
-2 key blanks #X168 (this is for 2005+ Loti)
-installation instructions
-allen key
-(2) black and (1) regular lotus badge sticker
-the black box
-key itself with "Elise" etched in the side

-When you transfer your key fob chip from the old to the new uni-key do not remove the battery or you'll likely have to reset the chip.

$120 shipped. (send me a pm)

*The last picture is the unikey next to the revised Lotus oem key. I like the uni-key better but it won't work with the newer model alarm system.


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Michael (Sir Lotus) has some pretty cool new ones that will work; I have an '05;Check him out. Super nice guy, too. I'm about to switch out the guts from the stocker and grab a new battery to assemble his fob tomorrow for my new car.

I like the revised Lotus key better, does it work with the older Elises (2005)?
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