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I have an 06 Elise that I've had for about a year and a half. I recently needed to get the right side fender replaced. While it was in the body shop, a number of things broke.

The power on the car was turned off, so the radio reset. When I got the car back, the lock button on the key fob and the lock switch in the car didn't work anymore. Pressing them would cause the car to beep, the locks to move a bit and nothing to happen.

I took it back into the shop. They said the alarm unit needed to be "recoded" because the car had lost power while they were working on it. They tried to do that and then called me up to say the car was no longer starting and that I would need a new alarm unit. Apparently it had been replaced in 2010 before I bought the car. That was $600.

Now they've replaced the alarm unit and say that the power locks still aren't working and an actuator needs replaced. That'll be another $500.

The shop is claiming these things break all the time and it's just poor luck this happened during the time (2 months!) they had the car. The insurance company is going to be dealing with all this, but I'm curious. Is there any truth to the statement that the alarm unit and lock actuators go out frequently (every 2 years apparently) on these cars?

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