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I have read through several threads regarding the alarm and it has been very helpful.... i just gt the car about a month ago... do not have the pin to the alarm, was at a restaurant and dropped the key trying to hold the door open for someone with my hands full. The fob no longer works..... 9pm and my car is stuck on the street in a not so great area.... NOW WHAT!

What is the quickest way to disable the alarm etc..... without the pin
Without having the code, you are going to have to disable your alarm/immobilizer with your fob. Have you tried opening up the fob to make sure the battery has not been dislodged due to dropping it? When you press a button on the fob does the tiny red light/LED on the fob blink? If you have a blinking LED, try standing near the car and press both buttons on the fob at the same time and hold them down together while watching the blinking red light on the fob. After a while the blinking will stop and then you can release both buttons and the red light should stay constantly lit. Now press the large button once and you should see the red light extinguish. Now, cross your fingers, say a prayer to the Lotus gods, and press the large button again. If was was just a problem requiring a resync., the alarm/immobilizer should turn off and you should be able to start the car. Good luck!

If your fob is truly dead, PM TheViper. He probably has more knowledge on the Cobra alarm system in these cars than most of the Lotus dealers. Maybe he knows a way to turn your alarm off without the code.
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