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Alignment in Dallas?

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Can I get some personnal recommendations for elise alignment in Dallas besides lotus dealership please thanks
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PST Performance Speedtech did mine when they installed my track brace. They are at MSR-Cresson.

Performance SpeedTech
+1 for PST

They aligned our car after installing the brace as well
they have worked on a fair number of lotus, and understand the basics of performance car set up

appreciate the suggestions thanks
I would like to get maybe some other suggestion from others in Dallas area as well just incase there are some places a bit closer
How much are alignments at PST?
+1 for PST, I also have used 5th Gear in Lewisville as well if you want to head north instead of south.
5th gear. Ok I will price them they are closer to my area
How much are alignments at PST?
2 years ago they charged $95/hour.

2 hours for the alignment

1.5 to fit the Lotus track brace and reset the toe.
While I cant vouch for alignments specificially, the PST guys have definently worked on many Lotus's before, in fact a Lotus is probably one of the cheaper cars they work on. They also can do corner weighting.

Their webpage
Performance SpeedTech
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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