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Resurrecting, but figured I'd put .02c in on this one. There's a Les Schwab (relatively new) at the intersection of Bowles and C470 (SW metro area) that has a nice laser rack which you simply drive onto - no ramps at all. It is mounted in a giant hole in the floor, perfectly flat, no possibility of clam scrapes.

The gentleman who does the alignment is very nice, let me sit in driver's seat, aligned it the way I wanted - f/r toe only, not because I don't "trust" them to do shims, I did not feel like paying them to do shims - I was very happy with the results.

I brought it in on a Tuesday, they did a free "alignment check." I went home, changed rear camber, brought it back the next day, we did toe. $85.

I'm sure 3R would do a great job at it, at a cost. I don't think they have much Lotus specific experience, but a lot of Real Race Car experience - nothing about the Lotus would faze them. At the end of the day, the Elise is a very simple car to align. Caster shims are a hassle. Camber shims are nothing new - lots of cars use shims. I agree on SCR. One of the guys who used to work there is very smart & would do a great job - intelligence vs experience - but yeah, they're more of a BMW/Audi place.

I left my diffuser on, made the inner rear jam nuts snug, but not TIGHT, and brought the correct size crow's foot. With a 6" extension, the inner rear jam nuts are easily manipulated with diffuser on, since he can stand underneath the car. I only live a couple of miles from that Les Schwab, though.

They're not a "performance" place, by any stretch, but they're diligent, not opposed to "out of spec" alignments (autocross car), really nice to work with, inexpensive, shrug, I like (that) LS.

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