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I took my Esprit to the Big O in Louisville, back in 2005 or so, because they had the laser rack.

Their software actually had several Esprits in there, including a Europe only rare Sport 300.

I chose my own settings and was allowed to be in the bay while the guy did the alignment. I had changed the suspension to be adjustable for camber, which is why I needed an alignment in the first place. He did adjust rear camber and front toe. Rear toe would have been out of my comfort zone to let him take my car apart to change shims, and it wasn't necessary to adjust anyway. Front camber wasn't adjustable, and also wasn't needed.

With the Elise, they would have to remove suspension bolts, and shim plates to change camber, which could be a risk....

I bought the laser level from Sears, not expensive, and you may be better off doing it yourself with APK919's method posted here, and then getting it verified on a laser rack, but don't let them adjust it (except for toe... that's easy on the Elise).
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