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Absolute power does what?
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Going to take the car in for an alignment. Going to try a new shop as they are willing to let me do the alignment with them to whatever spec I want. So the question here is what do I want. I've done this before so I know a bit about it but I can't find my old alignment sheet.

Details on the car - track only. V2 Steering arms so I can get -3.5 front camber and -2.8 rear (with the ABS shims removed too. When I run the Yoko slicks -3.5 is perfect so when I'm streets (Hoosiers or R888s) I just pop in a 1mm shim and go. After about 1000 street miles they seem to wear fine with that cycle.

What I can't remember is to - I'm pretty sure I ran -0.1 total (so -.05 per side) front and rear. It did make the car a bit twitchy under braking so I may set the rear to 0.

As for ride height I'm already lowered but might drop just a touch more (although probably not since I'm rubbing already. We'll be doing a corner balance too but I expect that to be easy enough.

And finally caster - as I understand I want the most I can get?

I care not about comfort - only about grip. I'm running full aero so she tends to lean A LOT (race Nitrons on the very short list but still 6+ months away.

Thanks guys!!

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