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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone on the Lotus Forum to join us for an all Lotus event in Rancho Santa Fe on March 10th. The address is 18021 Calle Ambiente, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. I would like to have everyone there no later than 8:45 AM (we usually get started between 7:45 and 8:00 AM).

Until just recently I don't believe there was a formal Lotus group here in San Diego so we kind of became it. You will find more Lotuses with us than probably anywhere else in San Diego. We are also open to all makes, models and colors of vehicles including motorcycles. You never know what might show up to one of our meets! This is a private group, but for those who attend and would like to join I would be happy to provide an invitation to everyone. We are the "anti club group" open to all makes models and colors. The good news is we have no meetings, election of officers, minutes to approve or other dull business to attend to. You just show up to see your friends or attend one of our private events all over Southern California.

For those attending we also have our own bakery and restaurant on site for either a quick coffee or or full sit down breakfast. Here is a link to their site to check out their offerings.

Please send me an RSVP so I can let the restaurant know, or you can contact me with any questions at 858 775-2161. I have also attached a photo of the main area. This happens to be from our Alfa Romeo event earlier this month. We can host upwards of 150+ cars if needed.

I look forward to seeing a great Lotus turnout on March 10th!


Chris Erickson
Secret Car Club


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