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allocation to west palm beach

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anyone have an idea on the allocation to wpb? i am #89 there, ryan moore told me 12 to 14 months, seems optimistic judging by other posts. hoping their are a lot of esprits on the streets up there...
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IIRC, Ryan told me they were #1 for Esprit sales. Not sure in what timeframe that is, though.
thanks dave

that makes me feel a bit better about my deposit. i am in miami as well; heard the collection wouldn't be getting too many
thanks steve, not dave - pretty early in the morning
I don't know anything about the specific dealer, but the planned production numbers would give an average of about 60-70 cars per dealer per year. So if West Palm Beach gets a slightly more than average allocation, that estimate sounds entirely realistic.
thanks again

very reassuring. sounded right to me when ryan told me, but a number of people - usually rothrock customers - have said they were told 2 or two and one-half years.
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