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I currently am leasing an Alfa Romeo Giulia with 10-11 months left. I've started to think what I would get next. I have the space for two cars so I was considering a pure sports car along with a daily driver.

I was looking at new corvettes and caymans and even new/near new Alfa Romeo 4C's. These would all be under warranty and around $50-60k. But the Lotus, although much older and out of warranty, probably won't depreciate much. And I could get a nice one for 30-35k.

I was afraid of maintenance, but isn't everything Toyota? even if an engine goes (same engine as a Celica/Corolla/Matrix?) isn't it like 2-3k to replace (based on costs I found, plus installation of course). and that probably wouldn't happen since the Toyota interals should be reliable. But please tell me if I am wrong and an engine or transmission issue would cost 10k+ due to complications of working on them.

Unfortunately I am not good with doing my own work and don't have the access to tools or a lift. (I do have an indoor parking garage). I've driven stick for a few years now but it's been a while since last time. Is the Elise clutch easy to work with/last a long time? what about the shifter?

I'm located in New Jersey if that makes any difference I wonder if there is a good independent mechanic near me. of course this may be a pipe dream and I should go with a new car to alleviate any concerns. But then I would eat the depreciation hard. It's probably near impossible to drive an Elise before I make a decision.. thanks for listening to my babbling
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