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Amelia 2009

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I've uploaded some pictures on the MR2 Spyder forum that I'm on all the time. Weather was great.

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Did anyone else from LT go this year?
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I meant to go this year. Didn't realize it was so early. I love that show. I've been to three of the past ones and its always incredible.
A buddy of mine took his 1956 Porsche 356 Carrera "Kustom" that was customized and once owned by Dean Jeffries. Dean was the guy who designed the Monkeemobile, the Manta Ray, and other Krazy Kustom Kars from the '60's. This was his personal car, but he sold it 47 years ago. My pal Jack has owned the car for nearly 40 years and is in the process of restoring it. He had finished up most of the metal work just in time to take the work-in-progress down to Amelia Island at the request of the organizers. Turns out Dean Jeffries was there for a seminar on customizing, so they surprised him by opening up a curtain that the car was hidden behind. He really liked the car, as Jack had an old-world metal worker do the bodywork, with very little lead filler and NO Bondo. Dean is going to help him pick out the original silver paint color. Jack's bringing it back to Amelia next year when it's finished. Here's story on the history of the car:

Dean Jeffries' Porsche Carrera

This was THE original "outlaw 356" that inspired Gary Emory and others to start the outlaw craze.

Here's a photo of it "back in the day", with photos of Dean's reaction to the car plus a photo of the Manta Ray:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Coupé

Car Classic car Vehicle Coupé Sports car

Land vehicle Car Classic car Vehicle Coupé

Car Vehicle Classic car Scale model Coupé
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Thanks for the pictures; there are great! Sorry I miss seeing you.
Darn, where was that car hiding? I took hundreds of pictures. This show gets better every year.
Great show...

The Manta Ray attended also. (next to Chip Foose "Hemisfear")


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