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^ mine, too. goddamn...

this guy should never have bought this car.

He should sell the car and buy a Civic Si.

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This guy is the biggest douche bag ever... HE keeps complaining cause he can't drive his sports car and talk on the phone.. Its too loud ;P ! AHAHAHAHAHHAAH... Pool over you tool bag. He is soo retarded and his arm shows it all. Worst video EVER!!!

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I don't know why, but I watched it again. This dude just really irks me.

Let's see:

- Douchy stupid Megan Fox tattoos.

- Hard Top - I'm pretty sure the dumbass doesn't have it install correctly.

- Shifting - painful.

- Can't downshift 3 to 2? Huh?!?!?

- The phone? Gots ta have my phone, yo.

If you are interested, follow the vid to Retardville - sorry, Youtube. Dude gets ripped apart in the comments and of course, the obligatory Fast N Furious 'my STI is tight, yo' comments.

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It's funny. All the things he complained about are endearing to me... It is everything he is not talking about that I love.

Strange ? He was trying to sell it ? heh

I'd be like "Bring some depends with you. It corners so hard your gonna need em"

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so to save time and sum up

roof is not fitted properly - are the front brackets even fitted?

more fluid for the shifter-eek-:facepalm

oh and I'm amazed the gearbox grinds if you shift into reverse when you're rolling:eek:

It's limited to 130mph as it's unstable above that:shrug:

You have to hold the headlight lever for the high beams to stay on:panic:

power steering = a quick rack, i learned something:D

ah and now I know why Elises are no longer available, is due to the two stage airbags not fitting :bow:

They're going to be worth a fortune as only 50 were imported every year

"So if you research there is a major suspension thing that could cause accidents (stumble of my words) blah blah blah I've really no idea

I guess he couldn't hear his phone ringing at the end....

Seriously I hate when clueless people try and sound educated:wallbang::wallbang::wallbang::wallbang:

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"The brakes could be superior"

"Since you don't need that quick control the lack of power steering is OK"

I rest my case.

This douche is there to make himself feel worthy by acting the critic.

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You learn something new every day.

1. I didn't know that my car didn't have a lock on the outside.

2. I haven't changed my shifter fluid yet! :no:

3. You can get a chicken stuck in the engine compartment which doesn't like high RPM.

4. The car's counter steering is too slow for drifting. Good thing I don't.

5. One windshield wiper equals high performance.

6. The world's fastest car "could" be a Lotus.

7. If you supercharge the Elise you lose control. Good thing I haven't.

8. There are a bunch of extra reflectors that light up for safety.

Hey, the guy bought one and so did I so I guess we deserve some credit. :UK:

Probably the reason his roof doesn't leak is he is in Cali.

And yes the windows rattle and the alarm is really an annoyance. :tadts:
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