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Introducing a new vintage racing podcast for drivers, race car owners and crew, enthusiasts and spectators of vintage racing, and vintage car collectors. My co-host is Dave Vegher, past winner of 3 national championships and other awards, renowned U.S. race engine builder, and preparer of winning vintage racecars at his Veloce Motors West shop in Petaluma, California, one of the best vintage race shops in the US. Dave builds a lot of winning motors for all of the various classes of race cars that use them, from Elan 26Rs to formula cars, to sports racers. I am not a racer, but am a double Elan owner (S3 and S4), and own other vintage cars, and am an enthusiast of vintage racing here on the West Coast. There will be a good deal of Lotus content, to be sure. The focus is likely to be on U.S. vintage racing, although I am sure Dave will share his experiences racing his Chevron in the Le Mans Classic, and maybe more.

We have a new web site, shown below, which will be the home base for our podcast, blog posts, photos, links to resources, and where you can use links to our episode hosting site and subscribe to our RSS feed. I've posted our first two episodes, and our third will be uploaded soon. Today I submitted our podcast to iTunes, and expect it to be available in the iTunes store in about a week.

We'll be covering the various racing groups - CSRG, SVRA, VARA, etc., and discussing the various racing categories - FV, FF, FA, F1, Sports Racing, etc. We'll also talk about vintage street cars; selecting, collecting, maintaining, and more. We also plan to interview many of the local vintage race drivers, mechanics, and luminaries. As you might imagine, with 40 years in the business, Dave will have plenty of stories for me to extract and share with listeners.

If any of you would like to share your ideas, provide questions for us to try to answer about Elans, Twin Cam or other vintage motors, race prep, race tracks, etc., please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]"

and check out our web site:

Vintage Racing Podcast | With Greg Tatarian and Dave Vegher


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