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Another mod

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I saw an Artic Silver Elise this morning with a nice mod...added a little more refined look to the roll hoop area. On the car before the mod, the plastic trim piece (pointed to by the yellow line) was Artic Silver and has a noticeable seam near the top of the side window. Also the four black top mounting points stood out in contrast to the Silver.

The owner had the entire area covered in black leather matching the seat material. It was very well done and gave that area a much more "finished" look. He said a local San Diego shop did it for $200.

I think this is a mod that would look great on the lighter colored cars, particularly those with a black interior, but wouldn't be as noticeable on the darker colored ones. As you can see from the green car that Roger Becker is driving, the trim seams and the top mounting hardware don't contrast with the paint like it does on the lighter color cars. I didn't have an unmodified lighter color car available at the time to really demonstrate the difference.

Here is a blown up portion of a picture showing the mod. (The complete picture is in the Regions->California section.):


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DCNSX said:
hmm... The euro version above seems to have different convertible top mounting points than our Fed car.

A Fed car is below:
That is probably an early S2 that has the top that goes over the roll bar and fastens back on the sail panels. I think the two spring steel strips might attach higher up on the early S2. I see in the picture in that position, but on top of the roll bar what appears to be those two attachment points.
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