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Hello, All

*Warning - longer intro incoming*

Long time lurker (circa 2006) who's finally ready to jump into a Lotus Exige. I'm located in the Washington DC region, specifically NOVA.

I am looking for a 2006+ Exige (not really set on supercharged but that would be a nice addition). I have a very good friend whom was a Lotus tech at Fox Valley and is now located out at Lotus of Scottsdale that is aiding in my search. At the moment my color preference is set on Aubergine (rareness/wanted since 2006), white, and storm. After that I'm kind of open.

Price wise I'm willing to spend up to $40k and am still kicking myself for missing the white 08' with Volks from CA ~2 years ago.

I plan to use the car as strictly a fun/autocross/track vehicle. I have sat in a couple examples and have ridden in a elise and today a local 06' Exige with a bwr rev250 and other bits. I still would love to drive one but understand people's hesitancy in just throwing the keys to such a vehicle my way.

The Exige from earlier today, incase anyone is interested:
2006 Lotus Exige S - Track & Touring Packs, Traction Control, Stage 2

For anyone eyeballing it, it is VIN: SCCPC11186HL82435

It had a pretty great amount of cosmetic flaws (spider cracking on rear bumper, some paint bubbling by front windshield, fiberglass showing on lower drivers side door, etc.). It also had a couple of random wires just hanging underneath the dash - a bit disconcerting. He didn't really know anything about it and just purchased it on a whim, but it moved out fairly well. This car would be a better deal for around $30k but all of the issues, not having any records of it on Lotus Talk, and him not knowing anything about it besides being a cool looking car are off putting.

Anyways, hello to all and I am happy to finally begin my dive into the community.

~ Joe

Have you GYLO'd?
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Check With The local Dealer

If you have not already, you should check in with Jamie Gershowitz, the Lotus Brand Manager at Euro Motorcars in Bethesda, the local Lotus dealer. He regularly has used Elises & Exiges, and helped me find a car last year. Whether or not you buy from him, it's good to get to know him, as he is also the local source for the oil cooler recall work, and if you buy one, you'll want to be sure that gets done.

Jamie shows up most weeks at the Saturday cars & coffee at Katie's in Great Falls, VA.

--Bob Collum
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