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Another one gets rear-ended: 2006 Elise

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Now I know why pilots on a catapult on an aircraft carrier put their heads against the headrest. Full size conversion van did not notice that I slowed down. I'm shaken, not stirred. I'm thinking it's new clam time. Second shot is upside down, showing daylight coming into the boot.


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Sorry to see that. Good news is, that clams are now being produced. I'll try to find that thread for you.
Ice the base of your neck and your low back for 10 minutes at the beginning of every hour. Looking at the damage, you should feel ok tomorrow. Looks minimal.

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looks repairable. JMO.

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Sorry to hear but good to hear you are OK.

I think you do need a new clam...

Sadly those are front only at this point...
He is correct we are only offering the elise fronts at this time. You are at the mercy of the dealers and Lotus for now. contact british racing group and see if they can get one on order for you.

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New Clam in Central Ohio

According to my body shop, the new clam for my Elise made it to Midwest Auto Group. I wasn't sure I believed him earlier when he told me it was at port in UK awaiting shipment.

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Wow only 4 months. Now that's fast!

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Great news! Hope to see you on the road this spring. Do you attend any Columbus Cars and Coffee events? Season opener is April 25th, FYI.

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Glad you got her back! Is it just the picture or does the rocker panel leading into the rear wheel well not even come close to matching? I'd normally say trick of the light but the panel behind the front wheel does match?
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