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Lotus will formally announce an increase to the base MSRP for the Lotus Elise to the price of $42,990.00.

The original MSRP for the Elise was $39,985. A previous price increase that was effective on September 1, 2004, increased the MSRP to $40,930.00. The reason for the previous price increase was the worsening dollar/pound exhange rate. Since the earlier increase, the dollar/pound exchange rate has worsened to nearly two dollars for every pound.

In addtion, the mandatory delivery charge was increased by $75 in early December of 2004.

It is expected that the news release will be distributed on Monday, January 10th. Dealers were notified by FAX distribution on Friday, January 7th.

What is understood, is that this raise will only affects cars in factory build after 1-1-05. Cars already built (as of 1-1-05) and in transport on ships or truck are not affected. However, the allocation of builds is not that simple:
Please be advised that effective with Elise units allocated to you as January production, the price of all Lotus Elise models will change per the list below. These cars were allocated to you in late November and were referred to as January through April production 2005. Please be aware that there will be some cars that were originally allocated as December 2004 production that will be built in January. These cars will be delivered to you at the existing price, not the new price even though they were built in January. None of the 4th quarter 2004 allocated production has been lost, just delayed a few weeks into January.
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