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I'll keep it short because there are enough good detailed reports out there.

I drove a basic (no touring package) Elise today at FVMC. The ride was great, I'm not sure what all the rought ride warnings from Lotus were all about. I'm glad I ordered the LSS, I could use a little firmer ride (IMHO) to keep me aware of the fact that I'm in a sports car. I also liked the exhaust, I sincerely doubt I'll replace it unless there is a noticeable improvement in track performance AND I take up weekend racing. But I'm also not one who equates noise with speed, so it may be more important to some. The cockpit really handles the wind well, it's not like a normal targa top car and the overall noise level was a lot less than I expected. Granted I was probably hypnotized by the car. The seats were comfortable and the pedal spacing seems fine. I guess Lotus changed the pedal spacing on the federal version.

For some reason I kept thinking there were blind spots all around me, but it was probably due to the height and the fact the car is so short. I could have trusted the mirrors a lot more than I did. Looking back I don't think there were any blind spots, it was paranoia on my part.

Great car, it's everything it was claimed to be and more. This car is going to be a real winner in the U.S. In my humble opinion this car could support a strong price increase in the next production year. I personally think it serves a larger target audience than expected and it's going to sell like hot cakes for some time to come.
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