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Answers to questions nobody asked.

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Answers to questions nobody asked. (or does the 2008 ecu work in a 2007/6)

So does the 2008 ECU/program run a 2007 car ? (the cluster won't work, but does the rest ?) or will it all fail horribly.

Either read the circuit diagrams or find out in 10 minutes or so from now when my battery is charged.... damn people tripping over my battery maintainer lead...
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And the answer is ... .

Yes !

Cluster doesn't work, but i knew that going in, i think i can make the pre 08 cluster work with the new firmware, or you can obviously update to the 08 cluster, i'll have to go over the wiring changes to the cluster pack and see whats what, it might need a harness adapter even for the 07 if they moved stuff around, i know they moved some of it around.

What are the benefits of a 2008+ tune in an 07 car?

No K line , woo ! its all CAN bus and order of magnitude faster than K line, though the CAN speed is 500Kbps instead of 1000Kbps so its actually slower in a 2008 but faster than K line., but if i get the cluster to work i intend to change it to 1000Kbps again, this will break the OBD II tools but i don't care about them.

Tyre pressure warning, yeah thats useful..

Variable traction control, already got that in my 07, so yeah not useful either.

Longer lifetime, most OEMs stop updating the tunes for cars after a few runs, this might prolong it a bit, and any improvements lotus have added to the new cars software.

So on to the cluster, i know most people want the 08 cluster in the 07 car, but i don't have one yet..
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Thanks for the update Charlie, definitely useful information. Will keep checking in on your cluster progress (if-any). :up:
I'm already knee deep in the code to change the can timing , so lets see how it goes.

i will drink its mikshake.
Stage 1 complete!

As you can see here its 1,000,000 baud not 500,000 and you can see the extra 2008 0x401 message which sends text to the cluster, in this case it writes "FAULT"

The layout is different so next i have to change all that...

but my 2007 cluster is chatting to the 2008 ECU.


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I've already got an '08 car with an '08 cluster, so that pretty much just takes all good care of that by itself! ;) No? :huh: :D

Countdown to your first '08 Club Racer Gotham265 in 3...2...1.....
Yep if you have an 08, you don't need the 08 update ;)

I've been sending out the 2008 265's already.
Reprogram the ecu, additions to or change out the harness , control switch.

there's an extra pin needed to run to the ecu.
Reprogram the ecu, additions to or change out the harness , control switch.

there's an extra pin needed to run to the ecu.
Could you just program a more aggressive TC setting (supposing I don't want the hassle of adding a control switch)?
Hmm.. So I'm going to need a tune for a TVS blower @ 10psi boost with a 2 liter stroke kit with 10.5:1 pistons, built head, Walboro 255 fuel pump, larger injectors (720cc maybe), High flow cat and a bunch of other little stuff. I'd like to do this some time toward the end this year and put it in my 06 Exige. Of course I'd want the traction control tweaked as well. The issue with doing any of this is of course the tuning to make it all work. Somebody back in the USA needs to build this so Charlie can get a proper tune ready for me in advance. :D Power is cool, but I also want the addition torque increase the longer stroked 2 liter will add to the mix.
Charlie, talking with AIM they said that the 08 would be able to transmit all of the ECU data to the AIM dash because of the CAN or something along those lines.

so what if an 08 ECU was swapped in with an AIM dash. all parameters then avaiable to the dash? and then no need for the stock dash to work with it.
they're somewhat mistaken, only the PID's supported on the MY08 are available, which is more data but not all the info.

I could adapt a MY08 to a MY07 though, since the big change is the cluster, but the stock cluster wouldn't work. Well , i have done that since i did it with my car already!
heh, dragon, good luck finding someone to do that, i'd like to see the stroker too.
need a stroker that's 2.2 L or bigger
Charlie.......some days I wish I were on the same planet as you !!!!!! rotfl:up::up:
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