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Do you use Anti-seize on your sparkplugs when changing plugs?

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Hi All. I'm a newbie to Lotus cars, but an oldie for cars (in general). Sparing the details, I know my way around an engine or 2.

Just bought an '05 N/A Elise w/40k miles. Bone stock from original owner that didn't "track" the car. I'm sure he drove it spiritedly, though. Find someone on here that hasn't, and I'll find you a liar amongst us.

I thought it'd be a good idea to change plugs, clean air filter, change oil, etc, and after checking what sparkplug and how people do this simple maintenance, I'm left with a question that isn't readily answered in the forum. Do y'all use anti-seize on the threads of the new plugs when you install? What 'flavor' do you use? The silver stuff that gets on even your dog if you even look at the bottle, or the copper stuff normally reserved for exhaust header bolts? Do you reduce the tightening torque as a result of using anti-seize?

Looking for responses on torque spec and what anti-seize (if any) is used on 2005 normally aspirated Elise.

Thanks in advance,
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