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Any Bay Area Elises?

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I think my interest in the Elise has peaked, and I plan on talking to Boardwalk and LG Ferrari sometime this month about a deposit. But, I'd really like to have a peek at one before I plunk down some cash. Anyone in the bay area have an Elise that I could have a look at? S1, S2, Exige, I don't much care..

thanks in advance,

(Please pardon the cross-post from RoadFly)
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Jeff -

Call Harry Appleby at Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa (714) 979-1020. He's very well-connected in the Lotus universe, and he knows quite a few Elise owners in the So Cal area. He can probably hook you up with someone down here who you could visit (it'll be worth it, believe me!), or recommend someone up there that you can call.

Alternatively, I would call a Lotus mechanic in the Bay Area. They should be able to refer you as well.

Cheers !

Mike G.
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