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My friend had a 2001 NSX which he let me drive for a day.

It's really funny to say it drives like an Accord, but that was my initial impression. But it is meant as a compliment of course. I had my 05 Elise at the time, so while I was impressed with the NSX, having much different personalties there was no way I would consider owning the "plush" NSX over the Elise. My friend had paid 50k for it, and after a few years and only putting on 3k miles on the car himself, he sold it for 50k to help "finance" his divorce settlement.

If I could turn back the clock, I would want his car only because I could have easily doubled my money (or more).

I appreciate the NSX, but they are so different that the Elise/Exige that one can't compare the two.
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