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Any Idea about Evora S

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Guys, i wanna ask some question about Evora S. first of all, there are a few lotuses here in Thailand (I guess not over 50 cars) and Evora is very hard to find in Thailand compares to Elise and Exige. i used to own 2 Evora before one is IPS version (transmission failed and sold already) another one is MT version. Both are normal evora so I plan to buy "S" version for now
Question is
1. is it a lot faster than Standard one?
2. how is the supercharged work on mid RPM like exige?
3. which one is best to choose MT or IPS? (cuz in thailand has only one Carbon grey with IPS system)
4. Worth to have?? (cuz i have a bad experience with the old one haha)
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I purchased a 2013 Evora S IPS. The reasons I chose the IPS and the S version are:
1. I think the NA is a little underpowered, just my opinion, it is faster.
2. I would think it would be roughly the same as the Exige since it uses the same engine, although the Exige is lighter.
3. I personally like paddle shifters, personal preference. But changing the clutch is an engine out procedure which is expensive.
4. Only owned mine since the beginning of April, don't know yet.

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Hey Golf-
You will probably get more information if you ask in the Evora specific section Lotus Evora - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community I have never driven the the NA version but I can tell you the S puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.
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