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Any ideas what this problem could be

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I am at house in Florida 500 miles from my dealer. I developed a slight popping sound in the front end mainly going over rough surfaces and is pretty much constant now so getting worse. Yesterday, we put it u on a rack and the guy down here, not a Lotus technician but a former Porsche technician, though it to be in the rack in pinion as it kind of pops when turning the wheels side to side. It now does it when I push down over the front right wheel. Is this a shock or the rack and pinion?

I need to get the car to a dealer, but don't really want to have to pay to flat bed the car on my own dime 500 miles just to get warranty work. The steering is not lose, but I am not sure if it is safe to drive.
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It's impossible to tell but in general it's more likely to be the shock as the bushings can go or they can bend. Check the attachment points too. A mechanic's stethiscope would be a good tool to help locate the problem. I wouldn't be afraid to drive a car with shock problems but a loose rack could be dangerous.
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