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Any interest in a small meet on Oct 16th? Del Mar

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Looks like a BMW club is putting on a drive starting in Del Mar on the morning of the 16th. Depending on how my wife is feeling (she is doing extremely well so far), I am thinking of making the meet, at least the start and some of it. I don't have much idea about where they are driving... some MR2 Spyders are joining up.


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Might be interested Randy. Will know for sure as the date becomes closer.
Randy, I doubt that I could make it, but very glad to hear that your wife is doing well !

Depends on the time. I might join up later. Details would be good.

I normally ride my bicycle saturday mornings...and I want to make sure I miss you all so that you dont catch me in my super tight, geeky bike gear as I ride through Del Mar :)
Looks like the plan is to meet at Starbucks in Solana Beach.

937 Lomas Santa Fe Drive
Solana Beach CA, 92075

10:00am. ~30 minutes

Drive around Rancho Santa Fe. I have no idea where exactly. I expect this is just a short local route.
Wow, if you are going through Rancho Santa Fe on saturday morning, watch out for bicyclists! There are great, windy, beautiful roads there, but they are narrow leaving little room for bicyclists and cars, and that is a prominant route for bikes in the AM. I'll be riding through there around the same time. I'll wave :)
I have a friend visiting for the weekend. If she's interested i may be down.
I will be looking for a spandex wedgie.

Randy Chase said:
I will be looking for a spandex wedgie.


I might be able to make it.
You can hear the Quick Silver and I will even let you touch the painted console.

Sorry, I'll be autocrossing.

Yeah I saw you signed up for the practice day. I will be running in San Diego on Sunday along with Robert.
I've also signed up for the Evo school on Dec 4th. I really enjoyed my first practice day.

Maybe next time I'll start competing, But I notice that you actually get more seat time at the practice sessions.
Steve W said:
But I notice that you actually get more seat time at the practice sessions.
Very true.
After a couple doctor visits today.... my wife has been given the go ahead to leave the house and wants to make the drive Saturday morning. So I am there at 10:00am or even a little earlier.

Anyone bringing a Stage 2?

If so... anyone bringing a camcorder?
Randy Chase said:

Ok... I unfortunately know most of the people going on this drive (BMW people that is), and how can I say this... to the question; will I be going on this drive.

... HELL NO, No Thanks, and F#ck NO! These people are mostly a bunch of kids with hi powered machines that have no clue how to drive a car.

You might remember one of these drives organized in the OC or Riverside where an E46 M3 overturned and one person burned to death trapped in the rear of the car... This is just my .02.

Anyways to those who are going on this drive... have fun and be safe please.


PS: Here is the link to the drive:
Well, thanks Neil. Now you had to go and inject a little reality into the situation! Actually, he may bring up a very valid point. I don't have any interest in driving with a pack of crazy pups pumped up on steriods. The Elise surely has nothing to prove to them.....not on public streets anyway.

I was interested in meeting some of you guys and doing a test of quicksilver and stage 2,which has been talked about for so long. Otherwise, I wouldn't drive 350 miles r/t to bump and grind with a bunch of youngsters. Hell, I can do that on the freeway if I want. Any thoughts?

Otherwise, I'll drive Angeles Crest to Palmdale.
Hey guys
Sorry if I brought anybody down or screwed up any expectation for Saturday's drive. I just don't want to see anybody on this forum hurt.

I also want to make something clear, Saturday's drive is not organized by the BMW club. It's organized by Bimmer forums. That's 2 different things.

The best drives I've been on are the Porsche Club drives. Lots of experience and respect, can't go wrong there. I will let everybody know as soon as a SoCal Porsche drive comes up.

Once again... sorry if I was a party pooper.

pianomaniac said:
Any thoughts?
We don't have to drive off with them. It would be great to meet anyhow. Those that wanted to 'cruise' with the Bimmerforum could just split when they do. We could do our own drive.
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