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Any Phoenix Esprit owner like to show me their car :-)

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So as I mentioned in a previous thread, I test drove a V8 Esprit yesterday.

Other than being totally blown away by the car, lol, the thing that really struck me was just how much different the car looks in person to photo's. Maybe its just how low and flat it is that you just don't get until you stand next to one. The back end of the car is so damn aggressive and sexy at the same time :)

The car I looked at was Silver and I wasn't sure about Silver from photos but actually seeing it in person I was just a whole different impression. So this gets me to me request. I've been struggling with what color car I'd like and now that I've had the in person experience I really think I need to see some other colors in person also.

I'd love to see a red one in person but honestly any colors are fine just to get a comparison. I'd even look at another silver one, especially if it had the OZ Novas on as this car just had the "standard" rims for a 99.

So if you wouldn't mind a stranger showing up at your place, or I can meet you wherever, I'd love the opportunity to just see a few more cars. I can assure you I'm quite sane and normal, although friends may disagree, lol, and I am considering buying an Esprit so guess I'm a little crazy :) Seriously though I'm an educated professional type, I'm English and have lived in Phoenix for twenty plus years.

Anyhow, I know its a little bit of an imposition but this would definitely help with the selection process.


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