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Dear All:

Having just spoke with Doug late last week, it appears that my car may not get here until January. I got the usual, ambiguous response of how I am next to receive a vin number and that the timeframe between it being built, shipped and delivered is purely speculative. I've been next to receive a vin number for quite a few weeks, now. Something disturbing that he mentioned was that imexplicably, some of the customers behind me had already received their vin numbers. I don't know if this is the batches of colour scheme of how Lotus makes the federal cars that I've read about, but it's not helping.

He did offer some numbers as to cars having been delivered previously, but I didn't think I should be optimistic in hoping that the numbers would only increase monthly with time.

Wondering if anyone has taken recent delivery of their cars? I believe gjpbsp was waiting for this week?
Any update will be highly appreciated.

- dechien
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