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Any sugggestions for an Elise missing the tire inflation system?

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I purchased an '05 Elise that happens to be missing the tire inflation system in the trunk.

Does anyone know a good after-market solution for this? Or maybe its worth buying a Lotus one?
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Any can of fix a flat would do.
The Lotus provided can (not made by Lotus) is supposedly not all that great. I haven't needed mine so I have no personal experience with it.

Get any can of equivalent 'fix-a-flat' and as Larry suggests wrap it in foam if it doesn't fit in the clips.
tire inflation system
rotfl Sorry, couldn't resist.
I bought this for my wife's Mini as I ditched the RFT's: Continental ContiComfortKit

Haven't used it yet but it is compact and includes the goo and a pump/light/pressure gauge.
I bought a can of "Fix a flat from Auto Zone." I also bought and carry a 12 volt tire inflator I got at Sams Club. It fits in the cig. plug between the seats. It has a light on one end and a pressure gauge on the inflator side. I also bought a self sealer - plug kit that you use to seal the hole in the tire if it can be sealed in the field. Hope that helps. Also get towing insurance or AAA for the vehicle. Just might help. Be safe .
A system alright, can, hose, valve. j/k.
Just f.y.i. if you ever have to use it make sure when you fix the tire or even if you don't have to, have a tire store take the tire off and clean the fix a flat chemical off it since it is very corrosive and will damage your wheel.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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