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Anyone do a 5 lug conversion?

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just looking for a wider variety of wheel options for street use, and just curious if anyone here has had any experience with doing a 5 lug a 5x100. Any reasons for not doing it are welcome as long as they are insightful.:)
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Reasons for not doing it: adding weight? Cost, time, complexity, ridiculousness when there's rac monolites on the market.. Sorry to burst your bubble I don't see the point, but if you must there has been a thread circulating the forum recently of people doing just this. They've part numbers and such but it doesn't seem like anyone's done it yet ..

Why do people want to do this, seems like there's plenty if wheel and tire choices out there, and I'd imagine nobody needs 4 more lugs..
Wow, You're not helpful.
Certainly there are cons, but there are pros, too.
There's a thread on it here. I've also never heard of anyone here breaking lugs due to track or power.
I've read people drilling into the hub a new pattern, someone was selling 5x120 adapters. Etc.
It has been done by another on the forums. He custom made a set of 5 lugs using a set of mounts. Last I heard they were on sale the forums for about $800, as they were all custom machine work.

If you want my two cents, I would just buy wheel adapters and the find wheels with the proper offset to make up for the lug adapters. You can purchase hub centric (Daewoo hub sizing) wheel spacers for about $150 to a 5 lug set up fairly easy, and then have a lot of wheel choices after that.

I have been thinking of doing the same so that I can run 17"x7.5" wheels in the front of the car. And at that width, almost everything is 5 lug, or a REALLY bad offset in a 4x100.
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