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Anyone get lease residuals for the Elise yet?

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Just trying to figure out what the elease payments will be.
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xclusivecar said:
Residual after 48 months $14,000. Pretty crappy. Only a broker using Chase bank would touch it! Apparently the banks got the shaft with the Lotus Elan a while back.

If that Elise is $42K, then that's a residual of 33% over 4 years.

In contrast, I took a $42K Z4 Roadster for 48 months and got a residual price of $19,000, which if my math is right, is 42% of the car.

I also took a $42K base Boxster for 48 months and got a residual of $18,000, which would also be a residual of 42%.

The figures are a bit rough though.
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