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Anyone going to Lime Rock this weekend?

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I will be attending lime rock's memorial weekend race. Prolly not bringing the elise due to my huge load of stuff to make the day more comfy. I will be there sat afternoon and all day monday. anyone else going?
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I'll be going on friday for a relaxed day of photography. Will be driving my 06 EVO MR as my Exige has not yet arrived.
I'll be attending the race on Monday w/ the Elise (60 minutes of farm country backroads each way :nanner2:) coming from my parents house in rural NY. My photo gear will also be in attendance.
I haven't figured out which days exactly but I'll probably float in and out over the weekend. I live 20 minutes from the track.
Well I will be there sat afternoon and all day monday. I def will not have the elise since it will be at valenti with an exhaust leak. Kinda freaky my trunk gets wicked hot and the grey foam insert under the black carpet is all bubbled and burned off the clam. The clam is browned under the grey insert. I hope its nothing real serious and under warranty. Anyone else have anything similar?
Do you have a stock battery? Are you sure it's not leaking?
Bummer, we are going out to CP detailing in NY tomorrow if anyone want to bail out on this and go drop of my car and then hit up the outlets for the ladies.. I left the map in the springtime meet thread in my last post
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