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Has anyone worked directly with the Lotus guys?

I'm want to have an interior piece painted to match the '08 'softtouch'. SEM makes a product but they have 3 bajillion versions of black. I'd love to see if someone at Lotus can tell me what they use and if it's available to the average go - and the color. For example, like the paint code for exteriors.

Other option is to order a few of the SEM rattle cans and try - that's expensive and a pain in the arse.

Anyone know someone to reach out to? There was that guy from Lotus USA in Atlanta (Jim something or other). Met him at Pebble Beach a few years ago.

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This would be good info for future restorations as well.

I'd suggest a PM to Vishus_1, the guy who maintains the Exige Sport 260 registry. He has a bunch of good contacts at Lotus. I'm trying to think if the Sport 260s use the soft touch plastics anywhere. Most of the interior pieces were replaced with carbon or wrapped in Alcantara, and the ones that are left aren't soft touch, I think. Either way, he might be able to get the info.
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