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Anyone in Austin want to GTG?

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Hey folks!

Theres a drive/cookout/movie party put on by my pals in the local Audi club. Its called Spooktoberfest and includes a ~1hr drive through the hills around North Lake Travis, a cookout, frosty beverages, and a suitable halloween type movie (on a very nice HT setup). Its always a good time, and includes a lot of non-Audi (or, like me, ex-Audi) owners as well. Porsches, BMWs, EVOs, and at least 1 Elise (ME!). Even my buddies stripped 340hp Audi race car will be there.

Anyways, I know there are only a few of us in Austin who have taken delivery, but if you want to join us and hang out and enjoy a nice hill country drive, email me. I'd like to hook up with the rest of you Elise owners and set up a channel of communication for future events...

Spooktoberfest is being held at my friends house (in Cedar Park) on Sat. October 30th. Drive will be held in early afternoon, followed by the cookout and some good Oktoberfest brews, and then the movie when it gets dark.

MeanTT? Anyone else here in town on here with their car yet?

Email me at delliott00 (at) yahoo (dot) com for more info. Or post here and leave me your email.


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It was very cool. Sally (Girlracer) made it out so we had a couple of Elises. Lots of other cool cars (Audis, porsche, Evo, etc).

The drive was awesome! I was following Girlracer (with my wife in her passenger seat) in her Green Elise and it sounded great. There were times when we were really hauling (I think I cracked 120). We had maybe 12-13 cars on the drive and we stayed together and had a clear road for the most part. Well, one SUV got between us two Elises and didn't want me to pass so he sped up to 90 to keep me at bay. 8000 rpm quickly neutered his machoism.

I'm working with Dacia at Autostrada to set up a Central TX mailing list of Elise owners/waitlisters. So expect an email from her trying to get us all on some sort of distribution.

For now, the Audi club has regular events we can tag along with anytime. I'll be there. The also graciously offered to host an Elise mailing list if we want. Every two weeks, on thursday, we have a gathering. Tomorrow its our "After Work" meet, which is at the El Mercado at Jesters Crossing (2222, just past city park). Go up the road a bit and you'll see a shopping center. Its at 6pm and theres plenty of parking and good (cheap) appetizers.

Two weeks from tomorrow we'll be at Rudy's on 183N near Duval. We park, however, between the Outback/Carrabas as theres more open space. That meet is at 12:30. Everything just repeats.

More info hit and click events.

I'd definitely like to see a Saturday Lotus meet/drive sometime soon. Theres got to be about 7? of us now in town. Plus maybe some esprits?

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