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Anyone in Port Charlotte, FL know this exige?

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I saw this on ebay, just curious if the owner is on this board or if anyone knows anything about this car? Just want to find out more history about this car.

eBay Motors: Lotus : Exige (item 160312683053 end time Feb-04-09 11:54:25 PST)
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~sigh, more scammer....

I guess while economy is bad, people are out to scam other people.
Anyways, here is the full story for anyone that's interested in hearing it.

saw a post on craiglist for a black Lotus Exige for a crazy low price of 8k. So I thought it's got to be a scam. But I thought I play along to see if we can find out more info on it so I emailed the person.
Here is the link, hopefully it'll still be up.
Attached is a screen capture
Anyways, I finally got a reply this morning
from Charlotte Borowy <[email protected]>
to [email protected]
date Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 10:21 AM
subject Re: Lotus Exige

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My 2006 Lotus Exige (VIN SCCPC11136HL82925) is in great shape, no engine
problems,damages or hidden defects. Hasn't been involved in any
accident. It was always garaged and never kept outside. I`m a single
mother with 2 children because I divorced with my husband and after the
divorce I own this car. I really don`t need it and have bad memories
about it and that`s why I'm selling it so cheap. The car has a clear
title, no liens. Transmission is Manual and has 1,940 miles. The vehicle
is already at a shipping company in Miami, Florida ready for shipping.
All documents, including owner's manual, clear title and bill of sale
will be provided along with the car. I have a contract with eBay so this
deal must go through them. The total price is $8,000 including shipping
and handling. I'm very busy with my job and I'm often out of town so I
can't meet in person with you and this is the reason why I opted to sell
my car over the internet. I want to use eBay protection program for our
safety and for payment I prefer to use an eBay Safety Purchase Service
so that they can act as a 3rd party for the payment. You make the
payment to one of their agents and after that I send the car to your
location. If you accept it they will forward the payment to me. If you
reject it, the vehicle will be shipped back on my expense, but I assure
you that it won't be the case. According with eBay you have 5 days from
the moment you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to
keep it or not. If you are still interested in buying this car I will
need your full name and shipping address so I send them to eBay and open
a transaction case for us.

Thank you,
Charlotte Borowy

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So I hop on to ebay and found the car on ebay. Emailed Tim. Got a fast response back and gave him a call to confirm that he's not the same seller and gave him a heads up on someone is trying to scam using his ebay post.

Anyways, that's the extent of what I can do. Not sure if anyone else on this board can trace down the email user and see if there is something that can be done to prosecute this scammer.


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