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Anyone order the Sector 111 trunk liner Bootie for their Elise/Exige ?

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I was thinking of ordering this? does it fit over existing trunk liner and battery?

I use my Exige S as a weekend street car not a track car. I have the soft top too and I thought I could store it in the trunk using this liner.


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Yes, it works great. I took off the battery cover and removed the carpet on the floor, but both can stay on the car.

Yes great product as it protects the rear lights from stuff in the trunk. Also gives it a more finished look

Never have.


Seriously, I'd imagine that every Elige has had a Bootie in it at some point during it's life.

Great product. Speaks for itself.
They fit well with all stock equipment in place. What they do best is to keep objects from rolling around the trunk and damaging the rear clam. Organizing stuff you keep in the trunk is superior with this product.
Worth every penny - especially since I bought mine used! Great product.
Maybe the best value for the dollar of any Lotus add-on...
You want one? I've one I used back before we became track oriented.
Yep, the bootie is great. I remove the stock carpet and pad, but leave the battery cover.
I left the carpet in place, but removed the battery cover since I have an Odyssey battery installed.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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