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as i live in the uk and we are fast approaching winter, i will have to fit some new rears before it arrives. i use the car as my everyday transport and would be replacing the P Zero rosso as fitted standard.
they claim "the P Zero™ range are optimised by the new P Zero™ Silver, with the emphasis on durability."
now as the fronts original P Zero Rosso have still a good 6mm+ left they would stay.
what say ye oh wise ones? a good change? or bad as they would be a harder compound than the fronts?
please take into consideration that the average road speed in the midlands is probably below 10 mph during my 3 mile commute to work and our motorways are generally too congested to reach the dizzy heights of our 70mph speed limit, however i have occasionally managed to cruise at 80mph for short periods.
thanks in advance for your comments.
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