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I just got an e-mail from a gentleman I met out at Little Talladega a few weeks ago.....
Please contact him if you are interested and let him know Keith with the Lotus sent ya.

Keith --

Can you let all your friends know about this opportunity to run Road Atlanta? We just got the information yesterday afternoon and have to let them know by this weekend. Sorry for the short notice.

We have just been notified that we have an opportunity to run on Road Atlanta May 16-17. According to the recent survey results we have received, many of you indicated that you would pay a little more to go on a track like Road Atlanta. It is a very expensive track and we would have to charge more. It is open to all makes and models of cars -- and we will run two groups. The cost is $350 for one day, $550 for two. Please let me know ASAP if this interests you because we have to get the track.


Phil Wicks
Phil Wicks Driving Academy
North American MINI Cooper Challenge
Mini Driving

My error. It is not this weekend, it is May 16-17 but they need to know as soon as possible. Can a mod help me out on the title please?
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