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I replaced my mirrors recently from the 88 style to the Citroen style, and I was determined to make them work and adjust as they should properly. My old 88 mirrors never adjusted properly because the switch was always shot, then I got a used switch and it was shot.

Upon doing some research at a local junkyard, that is the biggest on the east coast I think, "Harrys U Pull it" I found several vehicles with similar mirror switches, I ended up getting one from a Saturn of the late 90's, but also upon investigating the Cadilac Catera and a late 90's Saab had the same switch also (even in black, grey, tan), but the Catera and the Saab also had the LED lamp on it, and one even had a tiny button for the heated mirrors on/off. But I would bet all three that fit in the same opening and shape could probably be wired to fit the 3 wire wing mirror configuration that the Citroen wing mirrors have. Before doing any of this junkyard searching, I did manage to get my old style 88 mirror switch to power just the drivers side Citroen mirror, but its configuration was different and it wouldnt do the polarity right to keep up/down/left/right in configuration with the mirror.
I thought I got a drop in score from a Honda Accord that had 3 wire mirrors as it was the same size as the 88 mirror switch, but again its configuration was incorrrect with the left/right/up/down no matter how I wired it. It just about dropped right in the door hole for the switch though CRAP. I posted a photo of it too, dont ask me why.
The Saturn was the way to go, I didnt wire the mirrors heaters though as im not that concerned with that in all honesty, I could of after finding the Catera mirror switch, but I dont plan on driving this car in heated mirror kinda weather seriously. I had to redesign the frame of the driver side armrest by welding a plate in the metal frame the size of the old mirror switch, then cutting a smaller hole in it to accept the smaller new mirror switch, then cover it in padding and vinyl, but now they work and I can adjust them (new toy today), as I've been driving my Esprit this afternoon the mirrors have been adjusted quite a bit LOL.
Anyways, I have some parts for, and a complete mirror switch leftover from the old 88 style mirrors. The complete mirror switch only works on the drivers side mirror, the board had a burnt strip on it I replaced with a piece of wire and now it wont switch to the pass side. However, if you have one of these switches and ever take it apart to repair it, there are some tiny parts in it that can fall out and go anywhere, so if anyone wants these mirror switch parts I have you can have them for $6 cost of shipping anywhere in the 48 states, I hate to just toss them out when im sure someone else like me will attempt to fix their own mirror switch and maybe need parts if they lose or need them. I have no use for them any longer. Pm me if you want them, the parts are in the one photo.
I think im just so glad my mirrors now work I had to put this post up and tell someone. HOORAH!

By the way, if anyone is near Hazelton PA, a mirror switch at Harry's is $3, THEY ROCK, that place is a must have if you are frugal as I am when it comes to car restoration. Their prices are dirt cheap!


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